Tempo Di Marcia

A book chronicling the History of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and it's founder, Marcia Dale Weary

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Stories from the History of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

"The Italian word marcia, in the music dictionary, means "to dance - in march tempo". The proper name - Marcia - in real life, refers to the person who formed a dance school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Marcia Dale Weary, therfore was well named for her life's work."

Tempo di Marcia, the book authored by Craig Jurgensen, offers an insightful account of the history and teachings of Marcia Dale Weary (1937 - 2019 ), founder of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet in 1955. The growth and development of CPYB was further nurtured and nourished by many other dedicated persons, including: Barbara Weisberger (one of George Balanchine's first students), Andre de Ribere (confidant of Mr. Balanchine), Ken Laws (Dickinson Professor and converted ballet teacher), Bob Gregor (first Board President), Richard Cook (first CPYB choreographer), Darla Hoover (CPYB student, member of New York City Ballet Company, Balanchine repetiteur, and Marcia's successor as Artistic Director in 2019), and Alan Hineline (CPYB choreographer and CEO in 2009 )
This is the only book of its kind to document the formation and the preeminence of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

Now available at Whistlestop Bookshop as well as 360 DanceFitters in Carlisle.


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