Welcome to my graphic design gallery. These are mostly freelance projects with a couple fun projects from college mixed in. I began working in graphic design in 2012 after my first year at Shepherd University. Design is a departure from artistic thinking. Artists are taught to blaze their own trail and listen to their inner voice first and foremost. While originality is highly prized, ignoring the viewers response is treacherous in design. Design is like classical music while art is jazz. Design requires a lot of forethought, planningand restraint while art is free-form and interpretive.

I prize design as a humanist. I have sought to understand the human condition my whole life. What makes people tick? Why do they behave the way they do? Design is like strategic psychology. Using visual methods to communicate and possibly persuade is no easy task. There is a science behind imagery and the way it affects us and due to our individual experiences we all experience things uniquely.

Tasty Logo Treats

Small Plates

These are some business cards I have designed. I have created many contacts through my employment in the print industry. I can get excellent prices through large scale manufacturers and vendors, as well as my previous employers. Many options are available such as embossing, foil stamping, uv coatings and more.  Large scale printing for larger formats is also available. All items can be shipped directly to your doorstep within a week. Please CONTACT ME for more information.

One time set up fee

once we have your card designed, the cost to reprint drops dramatically. 

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Flyers, Posters and More