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Graphic Design

Cover for a graphic novel I created based on Edgar Allan Poe's Black Cat A pro-bono poster created in 2016 for a benefit thrown for the thousands of flood victims across West Virginia. Simple illustrative flyer made for doemstic restaurant This was a research project conducted during my sophmore year at Shepherd University. Yet another ad for a different product sold by the All natural Male. Interior panel of a trifold brochure made for the Cumberland County Historical Society in 2018. A business card made for a friends dog grooming boutique.
Doug, the owner of domestic loves retro punk vibes. Domestic is very fortunate to be located in a town with a wealth of jazz musicians. Poster made for local carnival in 2017. Advertisement for a client's racing team. One of the ads created to advertise on a web slide show for All Natural Male, a long-time client. This is a logo and CD cover created for a friend's band. A CD cover for a friend's band in 2015 with some sweet hand lettering.
Part of a branding package put together for a client, I created a logo and style guides for their activism group. Another demo poster made for She Doesn't A project from frshman year in college. The interior panel of a brochure created for a client to promote their new product. Another ad created for All Natural Male promoting one of their inventory. This is a logo and CD cover created for a friend's band. A flyer for my bosses motor cycle club.


A twist on the Grant Wood classic. My favorite baby ever. <em>The inelasticity of demand</em> state that we will never be happy with wgat we have. The infamous Rusty Squeezebox.
Deus Sit Propitius Huic Potatori Permeablility Crabbing Dating Gnostics, inspired by the Arab Spring and the impact of twitter.
This piece, 'Jazz Cigarettes' won second place at a juried exhibit at Shepherd University in 2014. High Society OK Commuter Mecklenburg Inn A portrait of Marlon Brando done in oil on canvas that is very glossy and hard to photograph!


1st in a four part series titled,'The 27 Club' about the infamous musicians who have passed at such an early age from 2016. 27 club, Jim Morrison A series of my favorite poets inspired equally by Dead Poets Society and Hellraiser. Bukowski was voracious. Sylvia Plath was the saddest of them all. A fun digital illustration. Graphite drawing on linen paper in 2015.
27 club, Jimi Hendrix They're making bigger babies! E.E. Cummings could bare his soul. A tip of the cap to Marcel Duchamp Mr. Sweet Potato Head, a much less popular toy. The Conservative!
27 club, Janis Joplin. A poster made for a friends concert dead poets, T.S. Eliot A portrait of the then Dhali Llama. A poster made to pass advice to freshmen in our junior year at design school. A memorial made for a friend's deceased pet.