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Graphic Design

Cover for a graphic novel I created based on Edgar Allan Poe's Black Cat A pro-bono poster created in 2016 for a benefit thrown for the thousands of flood victims across West Virginia. Simple illustrative flyer made for doemstic restaurant This was a research project conducted during my sophmore year at Shepherd University. Yet another ad for a different product sold by the All natural Male. Interior panel of a trifold brochure made for the Cumberland County Historical Society in 2018. A business card made for a friends dog grooming boutique.
Doug, the owner of domestic loves retro punk vibes. Domestic is very fortunate to be located in a town with a wealth of jazz musicians. Poster made for local carnival in 2017. Advertisement for a client's racing team. One of the ads created to advertise on a web slide show for All Natural Male, a long-time client. This is a logo and CD cover created for a friend's band. A CD cover for a friend's band in 2015 with some sweet hand lettering.
Part of a branding package put together for a client, I created a logo and style guides for their activism group. Another demo poster made for She Doesn't A project from frshman year in college. The interior panel of a brochure created for a client to promote their new product. Another ad created for All Natural Male promoting one of their inventory. This is a logo and CD cover created for a friend's band. A flyer for my bosses motor cycle club.


A twist on the Grant Wood classic. Deus Sit Propitius Huic Potatori My favorite baby ever. <em>The inelasticity of demand</em> state that we will never be happy with wgat we have. The infamous Rusty Squeezebox.
Smoker no. 1 Permeablility Crabbing Dating Gnostics, inspired by the Arab Spring and the impact of twitter.
This piece, 'Jazz Cigarettes' won second place at a juried exhibit at Shepherd University in 2014. High Society OK Commuter Mecklenburg Inn A portrait of Marlon Brando done in oil on canvas that is very glossy and hard to photograph!


1st in a four part series titled,'The 27 Club' about the infamous musicians who have passed at such an early age from 2016. 27 club, Jim Morrison A series of my favorite poets inspired equally by Dead Poets Society and Hellraiser. Bukowski was voracious. Sylvia Plath was the saddest of them all. A fun digital illustration. Graphite drawing on linen paper in 2015.
27 club, Jimi Hendrix They're making bigger babies! E.E. Cummings could bare his soul. A tip of the cap to Marcel Duchamp Mr. Sweet Potato Head, a much less popular toy. The Conservative!
27 club, Janis Joplin. A poster made for a friends concert dead poets, T.S. Eliot A portrait of the then Dhali Llama. A poster made to pass advice to freshmen in our junior year at design school. A memorial made for a friend's deceased pet.